Hackers and their types

The world has witnessed several cyber threats in past few years. This have increased the concern of many businesses. Still, the risk is not countered as there is a lack of expertise in this very field. Experts are working as cyber security is the center of attention of all big companies. People fall victim because they do not even know the basics. Many people around do not know who is the hacker? What can he do? and how do they work? This lack of knowledge has empowered the dark web experts to exploit the digital population.

There is a large gap between the cyber world and people, that is yet to be fulfilled. People generally think, hacker is someone who steals information and takes away the money from the bank account. Isn’t it? But actually, this is not a complete truth. People around worship myths and rumors and this is one of them. So, let’s get the concepts cleared.


Typically, hackers are the technical experts who knows every aspect of computer, its science and technology. Everything. They are high level programmers, network engineers and even, hardware experts. A hacker is someone who could get hold of any kind of threat or vulnerability within the system or server and can exploit or secure it. The term hacker could easily be replaced by deep/dark web experts. Hacker can be legal or illegal. It depends on what their interest is.

Hackers are very fond of colors. They categorize themselves on the basis of colors and work accordingly. Generally, they are of three types, i.e. white hat, black hat and grey hat. However, there is a fourth category known as suicide hackers. Well, all of them are hackers with same knowledge. But their working area makes difference.

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White hat hackers

Also, known as certified ethical hacker or ethical hacking expert. They work for welfare following the legal principles. They break into your system, with your consent. White hat hackers abide to maintain the confidentiality of data. An ethical hacker prevents the system from vulnerabilities and mitigate the threats. These are cyber security experts.

Black hat hackers

They are just opposite to white hat hackers. These are typically illegal hackers working for either espionage or fun. Simply, they’ll just break into the system, access confidential data. Major motive to do so is damaging or stealing information, which could be exploited further. They are generally known as crackers.

Grey hat hackers

Fifty-Fifty. These hackers work for their own welfare. If they get hold of any vulnerability, they would ask the victim either to pay ransom. Grey hat guys are professional blackmailers from cyber world. They are actually worse. after extorting their share, they just make the vulnerable port public so that other hacker may exploit it. Some times they can secure the same after exacting their interest. All in all, they just work for themselves.

Suicide hackers

Another kind of illegal hackers. These are the angry birds of hacking world. They love to create chaos and boom, especially with those whom they hate. They can do anything, just unpredictable. Suicide hackers intrude to the victims’ system in order to exploit it every possible way the can. They aren’t afraid of getting traced back. All they care is to destroy their victims. The reasons could probably be the rage and revenge. So, never indulge in a fight with an IT expert.

Understanding the mechanism and other aspects of hacking is important. This will enhance the chances of identifying the threats. Here, at Crackerway Cyber Security we tend to provide all of what one may need to ensure their systems’ safety. Feel free to ask whatever you want to in comment section below.

Be resilient, stay worry-free.

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