Understanding Network and Data Transmission

Network is a simple term that refers to connections of various things that require to work together. It is a system of interconnected things. While talking about Computer and Information Technology, the network refers to an interconnected system of various devices. This system is inclusive of computers, servers, mainframes and other peripheral devices. All the devices are connected within a specific protocol for data transmission. Internet is one such example that connects million people all over the world.

Network is not that complicated to understand. There are two types of network, which directly connects with the users’ privacy and safety of data.

interconnected people
network- interconnected individuals

Public network

In simple terms, a network that is accessible to the general public, where anyone can connect to anyone. In more typical terms, it is a network that resides outside an organization’s firewall. It is provided for the data transmission by connecting one another through various mediums. Public networks such as Wi-Fi or modems are convenient way of connecting to the internet.

This directly concerns the privacy of the individuals connecting through a public network. Though, these networks are packed up with the safety features, yet there is a chance that your privacy can be infringed. Even if you visit websites or applications with encryption they can be eavesdropped.

Do not connect with unauthenticated Public networks or share any personal information or credentials over them. There is a chance of breach of your cyber privacy.

Private network

A network that restricts the public connection and allows the data transmission within an authorized circle is a Private network. For example, a restricted mobile tethering hotspot. The network is accessible only to authorized users and is safer in context of data sharing.

There is another type of private network. This is virtual Private network. This masks the IP address, while using any kind of networks to ensure the safety and privacy of the data.

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