Cyber Security is an important issue.

Cyber security is one of the major aspects of IT Industry. It is rather important to be attentive towards this. Recently, twitter faced a weird and embarrassing cyberattack. 130 high profile twitter accounts were compromised by outside parties to promote a bitcoin scam. This was the worst hack ever.

Since, it is about cyber security, the increasing internet population is playing a major role. World’ s population have touched measures beyond 7 billion. Even after taking up the measures by Countries and their government, though.

Well, it’s not actually an irony but a caution. Just relate a bit.

Indian internet population, most suitable victim-to-be.

Utilization of the technology is good but ignoring its dark side can prove to be awful. Almost 65% of world’s population is vulnerable to cyber threats, as approximately the same no. of population resides on internet.

Now, consider Indian internet population and not the world’s. A report shows that recent internet population of India is approximately 40% of the overall population which is going to increase by 10% within a couple of years. According to statistics, about 696 million digitally active users are recorded in year 2020. This may, approximately, raise to 974 million by 2025. Since, India is the 2nd largest populated country and also, a leading developing country in the world, everything becomes so obvious.

This rapid increase is not just in case of Indian internet population but India’s would-be-black-hat-hacker population. India, actually, ranks on 8th position, in terms of, top rated hackers in the world. Talent, talent, everywhere. No doubt.

Divisions of Internet

To understand the mechanism of cyber attacks, It is important to understand some facts of internet. Internet is divided into three sections. First, the surface web, that constitutes only 4% of overall Internet. This layer comprises of all the social media, visible worldwide web. Second, the deep web, that constitutes 90% of the Internet and is a shelter to majority of amateur and expert hackers and crackers. And Third, the dark web, that constitutes only 6% but is, majorly, responsible for the worldwide cyber-attacks. the Dark web is a hub of illegal activities.

The dark web experts can gain access to all of the data, contained in other two divisions. There are organizations like anonymous, thrip attack group etc. They are hub of illegal activities. since, no light reaches out there, it is tough to get hold of the actual culprit. This concludes that overall internet population is under threat.

The social engineering attack, a major concern.

Well, with increase in active internet population has created a lot more opportunities for advantage seekers. They just need to spread up a malicious link over the internet anyone who clicks the link becomes the victim. Yet, internet users on the surface layer give away the sigh of relief as they feel their data is safe and confidential.

Poor fellows!

One should know that even the visible data can make you suffer a lot. Recently, The social engineering attack is the major concern of cyber security experts. Even the bitcoin scam, mentioned above, was a social engineering attack. Many people around fall prey to social engineering attacks. This happens with the help of a simple research on victims social sites and other surface layer platforms.  Even sometimes, victim is not actually targeted but random

There are several methods yet this one is one of them. People get tricked by offers and privileges. There are several other ways of  tricking people. The crackers, basically, exploits a persons emotional instinct and tendency to seek advantage from it. You just need to click on an unspecified link sent by a cracker, and yes, it’s done. Sarcastically, you’re left with a compliment- Great job! The looting procedure is about to begin, please co-operate.

Cyber attacks like phishing, email scam, trojans, ransomware are other means of  exploitation. But, social engineering is the center  of concern for Cyber Security Experts.

Do not get tempted by the offers as they can be the baits. Never, share your log in credentials with anyone. Cyber Security is, indeed, an important issue to tackle. It’s for everyone, whether individual or an organization. So, take simple steps and stay resilient.

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